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School Vision

    The Vision of Arch Creek Elementary is to provide academec achievement, attitude, and increase self-esteem in a safe, nurturing, learning environment that promotes emotional and social growthwith the means to succeed in meeting the challenges of a changing world. Our staff is committed to meet these needs in collaboration with the parents and the community and all other stakeholders

  • The Vision
  • The mission of Arch Creek Elementary School is to foster a rich, positive, and educational setting where students can achieve their maximum potential by providing a challenging curriculum with respect to their cognitive, religious, social, and lingual differences. We envision a staff that is well versed in the role and power to produce life-long contributing learners to our society.

  • Summer 2018
  • Arch Creek Elementary is welcoming the following schools that will partake in the 2018 Summer Services:
  • Gratigny Elementary
  • Hubert Sibley K-8
  • Linda Lentin K-8
  • North Miami Elementary
  • Natural Bridge Elementary
  • W.J. Bryan Elementary
  • Summer school schedule is July 2nd - July 30th
  • from 8:35 AM - 1:50 PM

    Located in the heart of North Miami, Arch Creek Elementary has been opened its state of the art building since the fall of 2008. The school population includes students from Biscayne Gardens, North Miami Elementary Schools, and Linda Lentin K-8 Center. It is a community of dedicated and energetic staff, involved parents, and enthusiastic students that are committed in the pursuit of excellence.
    Arch Creek Elementary School explores the world with a hunger for knowledge through state of the art technology. As a springboard to prepare students for the challenge of their future, our trend in technology includes computer lab, smart boards inter-write classrooms, smart televisions, sound systems and a technology based music lab.